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Decrease Your Carbohydrate Uptake Without Changing Your Diet By Natural Food

Our products are a natural way to reduce your body's carbohydrate/calorie intake without changing your diet.

Using a combination of innovative technology and premium ingredients, we are able to maximize the natural energy of the White Kidney protein and reduce your carbohydrate absorption. Bioactive peptides are incorporated into additional dietary boosts. All ingredients are sourced from your daily food sources such as kale beans, eggs and organic oatmeal.


Pour a packet into ~ 6 oz (180 ml) of warm water
Mix well and Enjoy the drink.
Start your meal.

Starchy foods, no guilty

Amylase is the digestive enzyme responsible for breaking down starchy foods into smaller units of sugar that can be absorbed and used for calories by our body.

Our cannellini bean protein acts as a natural amylase inhibitor and prevents the amylase from digesting the starch, which means less starch is broken down and less calories are absorbed. The undigested starch simply moves through our body and is excreted (much like dietary fiber)!


Reduce glucose spikes

In 1985, doctors at the Mayo Clinics found that people experienced significantly less postprandial glucose spikes when taking the cannellini bean protein with meals!

Since then, more research studies have been done to support the findings. These studies indicate that cannellini bean protein may be an effective tool to control their plasma glucose without giving up their favorite carbohydrate-rich foods!


Revolutionary technology

After years of research and development efforts, we have used revolutionary technology to isolate the most powerful White Kidney protein.

This technology allows us to separate proteins from white kidney beans, maintain the natural structure, thereby maintaining the original strength of the protein, and stopping the beans that can make the stomach uncomfortable.